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le 3 février 2022

9 h à midi (rocheuses)



CUPE National’s Member Relationship Management – Local Union Information (MRM-LUI) tool will now be available to all CUPE locals in Alberta. This software has been developed to assist locals in Alberta to manage not only the contact information for their members but to also allow them to manage the Bill 32 legislative requirements regarding the core and non-core portions of dues remittance.

This 3-hour session is for those users of MRM-LUI who the local determines will have the capabilities to view information and create Query lists (data lists) from the system.

le 28 janvier 2022

ONLINE (Alberta)


Si vous devez annuler votre inscription, veuillez envoyer un courriel à Patty Kinahan,, #300, 10235 – 124 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1P9

Merci de votre intérêt pour l'apprentissage en ligne du SCFP et pour votre leadership continu au sein de notre syndicat!

Patty Kinahan

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