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le 19 au 27 juillet 2021

le 19 juillet 2021 (8 h 30 à 16 h (rocheuses))
le 20 juillet 2021 (8 h à 16 h (rocheuses))
le 26 juillet 2021 (8 h à 16 h (rocheuses))
le 27 juillet 2021 (8 h à 16 h (rocheuses))



This four-day interactive virtual event is open to all levels of CUPE activist - from local leaders to the grassroots members. With Bill 32 in mind and a focus on organizing & mobilizing, participants will learn the skills necessary to build momentum on the ground during Alberta’s current political climate.

Participants will take away the knowledge and skills around the legislative requirements when organizing the unorganized, card signing & voting day, how to identify leaders though networking & building alliances, mapping, campaign building and beating apathy.

* Participants are expected to attend all four days*

This workshop is open to Alberta Locals only

le 9 juillet 2021

Edmonton (Alberta)

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