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le 22 au 25 août 2022



CUPE Wanuskewin School 2022

On behalf of CUPE Union Education Branch please find the program brochure at the following link:

CUPE National has a vaccine policy and you can read it HERE.

The policy applies to CUPE National organized events, including Union Education workshops and National meetings and conferences.

CUPE Education is committed to hosting an event where all CUPE members and staff are safe and able to fully participate. It is our expectation that attendees at [school] will be fully vaccinated.

Depending on the state of the of pandemic at the time of our weeklong school, we may require attendees to confirm their vaccination status, rapid test, and mask.

In registering for this event; it is understood that you agree to comply with the protocols we establish to prevent the spread of COVID.

Occupational Health and Safety
le 22 (9 h) au 25 août 2022 (midi)

In this Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) workshop, the standards within Saskatchewan will be reviewed, including the roles of committees, and the rights of workers to refuse unsafe work under The Saskatchewan Employment Act. A review of OHS standards, under current laws, and how well workers’ rights fared during the COVID-19 epidemic will be shared. Workers must be aware, more than ever, that collective agreement language should be up-to-date and adaptable to even such unexpected circumstances as a worldwide pandemic. Member/worker trauma and best-practices for responding to the challenges of our post-pandemic workplaces will be considered, touching on the need for psychologically safe workplaces.

Conflict, Conflict/Dispute Resolution, and Harassment Intervention
le 22 (9 h) au 25 août 2022 (midi)

In this workshop, the nature of conflict will be considered, and techniques for its resolution within CUPE locals and within unionized workplaces will be discussed. Alternate conflict- and dispute-resolution strategies and techniques will be introduced and reviewed, including mediation, interest-based bargaining/negotiation, and third-party solutions, such as arbitration. Tips for de-escalation of situations, people, and yourself will be provided. Because they are common and highly-destructive forms of conflict, harassment and sexual harassment within the workplace will be brought into focus, and training for intervening as a bystander, or witness to such harassment will be shared.

Fundamentals of Labour Law
le 22 (9 h) au 25 août 2022 (midi)

In this workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of labour law as they apply to unionized workplaces in Saskatchewan. Topics will include what locals and activists need to know about The Saskatchewan Employment Act, the Union and Employer’s Duty to Accommodate, and the Duty of Fair Representation. Further discussions will include recent developments in Canadian and Saskatchewan labour law pertaining to cannabis use, COVID-19, and recent challenges to union representation around mandatory vaccination policies and COVID-19 responses.

In this series of workshops from the CUPE Education Branch “Steward Learning Series,” new and more experienced shop stewards will have an opportunity to refine and improve their skills to represent members. Best practices around representation, grievance handling, discipline and discharge, important information on disability and ableism, and helping your union and workplace to become more open to and understanding of the duty to accommodate. Prerequisite: Introduction to Stewarding, Part 1 and 2 (online) OR Introduction to Stewarding (9-hour face-to-face). Participants are requested to bring a copy of their collective agreement to the sessions.

SDS - Devoir de représentation
le 22 août 2022 (9 h à midi (saskatchewan))

Apprenez d’où vient l’autorité des personnes déléguées syndicales au travail, le devoir de représentation et d’autres lois concernant le lieu de travail. N.B. : s.v.p. apporter votre Manuel de la personne déléguée syndicale à l'atelier.

SDS - Représentation des membres devant la direction
le 22 août 2022 (13 h à 16 h (saskatchewan))

Ce module équipe les personnes déléguées syndicales afin qu’elles soient proactives lors de leur rencontre avec la direction. Apprenez des choses utiles pour des rencontres efficaces et découvrez comment renforcer votre confiance en vous en pratiquant des situations de rencontre à l’avance.

SDS - Traitement des griefs
le 23 août 2022 (9 h à midi (saskatchewan))

Partagez des astuces et de bonnes pratiques avec d’autres délégués et apprenez des stratégies pour gérer les griefs difficiles. N.B. : s.v.p. apporter votre convention collective et Manuel pour la personne déléguée syndicale à l'atelier.

SDS - Mesures disciplinaires et congédiement
le 23 août 2022 (13 h à 16 h (saskatchewan))

Apprenez-en plus à propos des concepts et des termes juridiques utiles, ainsi que sur le rôle que doit jouer une personne déléguée syndicale pendant l’enquête d’un employeur, lorsqu’une mesure disciplinaire est prise, et pendant les réunions de grief. N.B. : s.v.p. apporter votre convention collective et Manuel pour la personne déléguée syndicale à l'atelier.

SDS - Handicap et capacitisme au travail
le 24 août 2022 (9 h à midi (saskatchewan))

Explorez ce qu’est le capacitisme : comment le reconnaître et les façons de l’adresser. Apprenez comment rendre votre milieu de travail et votre syndicat plus accessibles aux personnes avec des handicaps visibles ou invisibles.

SDS - Créer des milieux de travail adaptés
le 24 août 2022 (13 h à 16 h (saskatchewan))

Apprenez le cadre légal qui entoure l’obligation d’accommodement, ce que sont et ce à quoi doivent ressembler un bon processus et un bon plan d’accommodation, et ce qui peut être fait si un employeur refuse de fournir des d’accommodements raisonnables. N.B. : s.v.p. apporter votre Manuel de la personne déléguée syndicale à l'atelier.

le 29 juillet 2022

Wanuskewin Heritage Park
RR#4 Penner Road
Saskatoon (Saskatchewan)



Your registration is not complete until payment is received. Payment must be received by Friday, July 29, 2022 or your seat will be released.

Please make cheques payable to: CUPE

Mail payment to:
Kim Draeger
CUPE Saskatoon Area Office
250 Cardinal Crescent
Saskatoon, SK S7L 6H8

Please note that this workshop may be cancelled due to low registration or other reasons.

Send your cancellation request in writing with your local number, address and telephone number by the registration deadline to

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